Welcome to Studio of Learning


Established in 2008 by qualified and experienced teachers SOL is an independent school for children with identified learning difficulties. Our team of professional tutors takes great interest in the personal growth of each learner.  Based on his /her unique learning profile, SOL strives to develop the whole child so that they become confident, and self-advocate throughout life.


SOL employs a holistic approach by evaluating the individual needs of each child. Children enrolled at SOL come with a variety of challenges, from academic to social and or emotional.


We realise that each child is unique, with unique circumstances and is affected differently. At SOL, we strive to highlight the childís strengths and give them the confidence to use them.


Why choose Studio of Learning?


* Individualised Learning -Learning at SOL is as individualised as a child/pupilsí fingerprints. Classes are small, so we can

  deliver the kind of personal attention thatís necessary for progress.


* Helps children who learn differently - We work towards broadening the understanding of learning and cognition, and

  transform the lives of those who learn differently.


* We see each child as having a unique combination of strengths and weaknesses and talents and uncertainties and

   passions. We embrace our children for all that they are and we do everything in our power to help them become the

  absolute best they can be.